Too much weather

Yesterday was so hot I got a bit wobbly from being in the sun, and today it was raining by 5am and still hasn’t stopped. On Sunday I set up the scavachocha wallenged brick bed for  achocha and put them in – gave a spare to Lionel. I bet no one else is growing them so it’s our secret surprise for this year… I also got some decking painted and shifted the wood pile again (why is it never in the right place!) and about 20 bags of topsoil to the bottom of the plot. Found more carpet where I wanted to start digging & decided to leave it till today. Given the rain, not a good decision!

I got so bored of watching it rain at home that I went to the plot anyway and watched it rain from the shed. While listening to ’80s radio, munching shed sweets and daydreaming. In a brief couple of breaks from hard rain to steady drizzle I got the replacement trail of tears and dwarf beans out, plus all the courgettes. Decided against putting the beetroot in as my anorak isn’t as waterproof as it aspires to be. Squidged home.

This weekend’s treat was having my first 4 strawberries. And there are loads more on their way. I still haven’t put straw underneath and I might not bother this year. The Desirees inna bag are flowering and the Charlottes, Lady Cs and Pentland Javelins in the bed are only a hop, skip and a jump behind. This year broadies for Pierois definitely the Year of the Spud.  Noticed that the poppy seed I broadcast the other week has appeared – in huge clumps! Need to work on broadcasting THINLY! The broad beans I sowed for Piero are doing really well so far – nice and tall. And so far no blackfly.

At home I have finally managed to get sage to germinate, and I have one salsola. Out of the whole packet.

My neighbour has re-appeared, trimmed part of the plot and said she is going to cover the rest. All of that is great. As none of it included any of the the bits near my plot, I’m still stealthily hoiking out horsetail when I see it near the border. Am very glad she’s back.

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