Racing the sunset

Another quick visit tonight – it’s hard to get much done when the sun sets an hour after I get there! I may need to get my head torch out…

A lovely side of allotmenteering seen tonight: a very kind person has found my missing glove and left it on a bamboo pole in one of my caves – I’m so pleased to have it back, mucky or not.

Tonight’s haul was: another 2 litres of tomatoes, some kohlrabis, a double handful of strawberries, 2 heads of chicory and a pot of cape gooseberries. I dug up the rest of the potatoes when I came to fix the water butt, and we’ve got about 8-10kg of Desiree from 14 seed potatoes. No slug damage at all. So they might just go back on the list for growing next year after all!

I’m starting on seed-saving. I should have:
– purple podded climbing beans (because I can’t think of picking any more!)
– poppies (somniferum papaver Cherry Glow)
– cornflowers
– golden purslane
– 100&1000 tomatoes
– cape gooseberries
I bet that the chillies will have crossed with each other, so saving those seeds is for next year or when the plants are indoors and I have a bit more control.

The chillies are starting to flower again fairly heavily, which I am hoping bodes well for a continuous crop when I take them inside next month.

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