Plot inspection day!

Our Chair led us round the plots, clipboard at the ready. For a site our size it’s not surprising that there are a few letters to be sent out, but most plots are in really good nick. At the same time we were compiling a list of potential work party jobs and planning November’s bonfire. With all the trees/hedges that need trimming the fire could be enormous!

Being still rather new, it was interesting to hear more about the history of the site and constraints of being self-managed. The cemetery’s population are creeping ever closer to our boundaries, and none of us are sure what will happen when it’s full. It does lend a bit of urgency to keeping the site vibrant and in full use.

bed dismantlingBack at Plot 100 I’d like to be more in digging mode, but I haven’t painted/cut enough boards to set the bed up. So I started on that, which at least emptied the garage of part of my woodpile. One day I’ll be able to get my car back in there…! I also attempted to burn the damp sweetcorn stalks and got well and truly kippered. The mini-explosions from the baby cobs were pretty entertaining too.

haircut 100I gave the cape gooseberries a good shake and then a haircut to get them used to being smaller for my overwintering attempts. I just have to sneak them all into the flat now…plus the aubergines, french lavender and chillies.

Checked on the turned and re-filled dalek and there is definitely some heat in there. I am hoping that the fruits from the cape gooseberry don’t have seeds that will survive composting, or I will have them as well as nasturtiums & cornflowers popping up everywhere. I do appreciate that there are worse things that could be popping up on the plot – so far the weeds have been easy to control once the beds are dug. My neighbours want some of my strawberry runners, so I hope I don’t have to compost quite so many.

cape gooseberries anyone...Came home happy & with some golden purslane seed and a few poppy heads, my Thelma Sanders, another litre of 100s&1000s (about 5 litres still on the bushes), 2 cute aubergines, strawberries and more cape gooseberries than I know what to do with. Will save seeds I think, and see if anyone on the forum wants some.

squashes inna sunbeamMy windowsill now hosts a lovely squash collection. I had a total of 3 butternuts and 2 small, manky Turks Turbans last year, this year there are 2 Potimarrons, 3 Sweet Dumpling, and a glorious Thelma Sanders. I heart thelmaHimself is photographing them at every imaginable angle! There are 2 baby Autumn Crowns and a very small Thelma Sanders still on the plot, and if I am lucky the plants will hold out till the end of October which might give them a chance to mature. There are a lot of caveats in that sentence! Can’t wait till next year and trying out more varieties/places to grow them.

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