2 hours at the plot tonight, mostly digging up and sifting soil for the top bed to 1.5 spits deep – so nearly double digging… It’s very slow work, probably not completely necessary and I am sure that my neighbours think that I am insane. This is where my inherited mess of blackthorn and bramble was, and we definitely didn’t manage to get it all up when we got rid of it. I’m hoping that I only have to do this once – I was going to put permanent things in there, but I think that my seedlings are outpacing me and I will have to put something/anything in as and when the beds get ready.

My potatoes are coming up already – planted 3 weeks ago and Duke of York are poking through, as are the Charlottes in the planter. Earthing up will be interesting – I’m beginning to regret putting radishes in the furrows!

Noticed on the weekend that last year’s borage has self-seeded, which is good news! I love the flowers in drinks/ice cubes and the leaves in salad. I’ll keep a few for my beds and am going to give a couple to W, as she gave me an old Dalek today, which I can use to rot horse manure in over the year. She’s got mare’s tail on her plot now – I think it’s coming from the plot behind mine, which has the motherload growing in it.

Rain forecast tomorrow, so I guess I’ll spend the evening potting on in ‘allotment corner’ in the flat.

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