Plans fly out the window

new patio and herb bed marked outDidn’t go to Brogdale and I am still constructing beds and sorting the soil out in the first. Himself came up today and used all the spare bits of paving from making the shed base to extend a small patio area. We have visions of sitting there in summer with Pimms and a BBQ on the go…

view from site entranceIt does look lovely up there at the moment with the trees on the cemetery in blossom too – so I’ve added a pic to this of the view from the site entrance – if you look closely you can see the back of my shed…

I marked out 2 more beds, plus a herb bed near the shed and am getting some treated decking/gravel boards (not decided which yet) delivered to supplement the dwindling supply of free bed (1) (I honestly thought I would have too many when I got them!) I’m still going for rainbow-coloured beds, which doesn’t help my speed any, but does make me happy. The first bed at the top is navy, the next one down is a very bright pink and the one right over at the bottom is purple. The other colour choices are light blue and lime green.

Mostly the time at the plot this weekend was spent tidying – I took a load of carpet and plastic/glass remnants to the tip, burned all the blackthorn that had so far been dug up, emptied the big crate I’d stored my tools in and put those in the shed – then dragged the crate to the top of the site in case anyone wants it, tidied the shed and cut the grass. Cutting the grass took the most time as there is so much of it. The strawberries and broad beans are now all in flower and I planted out a couple of the poached egg plants to encourage wee beasties to come and eat aphids.

It’s still not warm enough though – we’re still under the monthly average and my seedlings at home are not happy. The sun is too high now to shine in through the one south-facing window in the flat. Plus I’ve overfed my tomatoes so they are going yellow and wilting and had a tray of suicidal kohlrabi leap off the bookshelf to the floor. To be fair they weren’t happy before the jump, but I think that this might have done for them.

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