Happy skipper

The public loos near me have been sold off and are being converted into a cafe. (because Surbiton really needs another cafe within spitting distance of the other umpteen…) But it means I have found some odd lengths of wood, some latest project - the achocha wallceramic cubes and some bricks in their skip.  The cubes will be mini planters, the wood will ‘make something useful’ and the bricks are for the climbers bed along the shed. Perfect! I’ve put up some £land bamboo trelllis on the shed ready for the achocha to scramble up. Not quite sure whether they will need netting too.

The culticave is up again, but I wish I had cleaned it before I put it away…it’s quite muddy and the plastic has gone a little opaque. Hopefully the greenhouse will be up by the end of June (might be wishful thinking!) and it can go to a new home. Alan’s tomatoes are in there looking happy and will be joined by everything from inside the flat soon.

Noticed that the Marco garlic has scapes/buds forming. It’s softneck, so I’m sure it shouldn’t, but these are bulbs that I thought had died last year and have come back again. I’m not quite sure what to do with them, which means leaving them as they are to get on with whatever it is that they are doing.

I barrowed 4 heaving wheelbarrows of weeds away from the plot – it wasn’t really weeding, more like tearing things off at ground level so I could see what I have again and to stop the weeds seeding all over my neighbours’ plots. Got a barrow of steaming manure to add to the dalek and scouted the site for more young nettles to go with it, and set up & filled my comfrey pipe. Couldn’t face more digging so that last bit of bed will wait till the forecast rain has softened it.

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