Nipped up yesterday to winkle out some woodchip from the compound’s edges so the path is done between the blue and purple beds. The new couple further down the slope have put in 6 raised beds and it looks great – like elves have been and sorted things! Lovely Lionel gave me another armful of rhubarb, which I am currently scoffing as a very late pudding.

Lots of slug damage at the plot, particularly on the bagged spuds. I couldn’t see any though.

I had a bit of a sowing session tonight – more cornflowers and cosmos, a whole seed tray of white seeded breadseed poppies, basil, coriander, salsola and a couple of Crown Prince as seeds arrived today. I know I had them before, because I sent some to Alan, but my seed box has eaten them and they are nowhere to be found.

I think that the root parsley is coming through slowly, so that’s gone out on the balcony. The oca in pots is growing really quickly and looks very interesting. ALL the achocha came up, which was a nice surprise.

Need to re-chit some sweetcorn to replace the ones that have given up, empty the pink trug of dead rhubarb and sow salsify in it, and resow a thelma sanders to replace that casualty. My repotted tomatoes look happier, but I notice that they have purple undersides to the leaves, which I think means they got cold while I was away. If I move things about a bit at the plot I might be able to get the surviving culticave up and put them in there – I think they would be happier than on the windowsill now.

Read through my Kitchen Garden magazine – June’s issue is really good, though I wish they would review fewer F1 varieties in favour of open-pollinated veg. According to their edible weeds article you can eat marestail…not sure that I am adventurous enough to try it…

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