Spuds are up

Weekend in Glasgow, so not a lot of time messing about at the allotment. I did manage a couple of hours, but am feeling a little ‘jaded’.

No frost damage up at the plot and all the potatoes are now through. Slugs have had the globe artichokes, so I might try again with a few seeds. One thing I have noticed is that the stable manure that I have used liberally just doesn’t hold on to water, it runs straight through. Can’t think why I thought it would be such a good idea for the potato bags.  I’ve put in 6 of the Trail of Tears beans against the arch and got the path along the new purple bed lined – unfortunately the woodchip has run out and our Chair is on holiday so there won’t be any for a while. The new green bed is up, but I think I’ve put it in slightly the wrong place, and I don’t want the space for the greenhouse to be too tight. Next weekend will involve me fiddling about to get it right.

At home I think that I’ve kept the sweetcorn too soggy and a few of the cornlings are dying off. The courgettes I sowed on Friday for the school are up, as are the remainder of the beans at home – one of the upside down with its roots in the air… While I was away we may have had an air frost. One of my Thelma Sanders is dead and 2 of the other squash don’t look happy. I don’t think Piero got them in till quite late. Ah well, there’s still time to sow.

Categories: Diary 2014