Mad dogs and allotmenteers…

I’ve had to invest in some allotment hot weather gear – linen long-sleeved shirts and a natty stetson-style hat. One of the guys keeled over yesterday – one minute upright and being bossed by his wife, then next on all fours being sick. It gets H.O.T. on the site and there is very little cover. I always keep water, salty snacks and sunscreen in the shed. The shade from my shed is very welcome, though I do need some better chairs.

That list I made in the last post was beyond ambitious, given the heat and with this afternoon’s sloe gin trials. I’ve left my car up at the site and ambled back, slightly sozzled. Not quite sure whether the one with a little sugar or the one without won the taste testing, but I’ve been asked for my recipes. *chuffed smiley*

Lovely morning at Alan’s place – thank you very much for the tour. It was great and my goodies are safely ensconced on Plot 100.

My arrival surprised fat woodpigeons feasting on my goosegogs. Netting has been applied, and the half crop remaining will be tasty. Sodding pigeons.

I have about half a metre of purple bed to double dig, half the shed is tidy (my ambition is eventually to put in a second floor to sturdify it), the runners are mostly hoiked out and the ones that are left can stay & have been fed with supagro.

Given the heat I’m quite pleased with how much I have done. Roll on some slightly cooler weather though or all my young plants may well go a bit crispy.

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