Pre-land grab clearances

This week is hedge clearing. It took me 4 hours, and now I’m struggling to move, but I have pretty much done it!  Huzzah!!

My pictures were a bit dim and and wobbly – I was so tired my hands were shaking. But all the bramble and blackthorn from the second hedge is cut down, moved onto a vacant plot and the new ground raked over. The roots will need to be dug out, though first I’d like an idea of where the path will go and how much extra ground will be part of the ‘mudandgluts land-grab’!

BeforeAfter leftovers..

Saw the site’s Chair while I was there and he asked me if I would consider being put forward for the Committee. I’m very flattered to be asked, but I am still very new and have fallen foul of site politics once already, so am not entirely sure that this would be a good thing. This is meant to be a hobby/learning exercise, not training for the UN. School uniform taught me berets aren’t a good look. I’ve said I’ll think about it, and I know he’s asking others, so perhaps someone else would really like to do it…

At home the seedlings are doing ok thanks to tinfoil collars on the trays, but my windowsill is full, as is the propagator, so I must resist all temptation to sow anything more!


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