Finally a bit of warmth

It’s getting warmer….and drier!! Whoop!!

The broad beans are looking happy and bigger. Managed to turn over the potato bed, my first proper digging of the season and I left it as clods to dry a bit more. Lots and lots of lovely worms.

blackthorn hedge rehabilitatonGiven that the broken record of ‘beds too wet to dig’ is still playing, I’ve been working on the blackthorn rehabilitation – the secondary fence is coming out slowly and will be a proper chore to dig out after it’s down. I’ve added a photo to this so you can see the depth of the original hedge, and progress by me and the committee.

Before I do any digging of that bit of ground, I probably should get a better idea of where the path will go from the committee. And whether the additional strip of land might get attached to my plot or not. And then if it does, I’ll need to  find out whether hardcore from the old road runs under it. (next year!) Sheesh!

Lots of people at the site today – my lovely neighbour’s just got an additional half plot. It’s covered in weeds and carpet and sunken rather than raised beds..but it does have a greenhouse and superb rhubarb of which I am very jealous! His original plot is picture perfect, one of the shippiest of shipshape plots on site and I bet this will be too in next to no time. I walk past in a gentle shade of envious green each time I go to and from my plot.

At home I have some spindly seedlings – 6 F2 Chenzos, 4 lemon drops, no jalapenos or habaneros yet, 4 cape gooseberries and 5 aubergines. Speedy growing! They are being rehomed in little pots, fitted with tin foil collars and moved to a sunny windowsill.

I’m hoping that the warmer weather forecast will appear and that I can get moving properly next weekend. (Fingers crossed, touch wood, throw salt over left shoulder…)

PS It turns out a small sweetcorn fork is an ideal tool to prick out teeny seedlings.
PPS One of the pair who aren’t/weren’t speaking to me stopped by briefly and was friendly. Small steps but it makes going to the site feel less tense.

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