Maracas at the ready

This update has theme music….get those maracas moving & start humming Guatanamera because I have: …3 habaneros, oh yes! and 2 jalapenos….(repeat to fade)

Makes up for the fact that my carefully pre-soaked boltardy were probably drowned rather than soaked and my sweetpeas are cursed. I’ve got some cosmos coming up and some cornflowers, but no more windowsill unless I can sneak them into the spare room. The tinfoil collars make them hard to hide…

Thanks to the very kind Angela I have cayenne seeds a-plenty and a few are now in some warm compost doing their thing.

jackdaws 7 - garlic 0This weekend just gone was pretty hopeless for all things plot-related. It rained for 2 days so I have an informal pond again, and that sapped my enthusiasm for getting on with cutting blackthorn. I’ve moved 3 blackcurrants from Mum’s to the plot in their pots, and shifted a carload of bagged topsoil that will bump up the levels in what will be the soft fruit bed. Jackdaws found my garlic pots on the balcony, but I stuck the cloves back in and rebuilt the bird defences and hopefully that will do for now.

And today my Greenfingers delivery arrived – a garden arch, a triple-bag compost bin for my barrows of manure to rot down in, and a culti-cave, which I am determined will not blow away into the cemetery…!

Am very much looking forward to the Edible Garden Show on Saturday and meeting up with a few people from the Forum.

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