Of jams and future fennelets

It was a lovely evening for a quick visit up at the plot and a nice breeze to keep away the evil biting things. Checked over the squashes and sweetcorn cobs, squashed slugs and munched on a few tomatoes, beans and cape gooseberries. Most of the tomatoes are still very green, but a few are turning. Shut the caves up to avoid the rain if it arrives tomorrow. Also spruced up the potted strawberries for their trip to Cadalot’s place and gave them a good talking to. I just know they are looking forward to finally getting their feet in soil.

I have been a bit worried about the weather forecast and blight – probably completely needlessly as the weather that happens is so different from the forecast at the minute – 2 red warning pillars on the Blightwatch site, but not next to each other thankfully. I dug up some more of the charlottes and there is minimal slug damage, absolutely minimal. Not the hugest yield, but better than last month and good enough for me. I’m digging up the Desiree in 4 weeks so I can take the bed apart and put another 2 in its place.

At home I’ve sown some Nero di Toscana, some winter spinach and some fennel for fennelets later on in autumn.

I picked another 2 litres of blackberries from down by the bee hives and am not sure I can keep from making inroads tonight – I can see that there are custard remnants in the fridge…And cut-price strawberries means the flat is all fragrant with the second batch of strawberry & lavender jam – the first lot really hasn’t lasted! (recipe here)

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