That’s ME that is!

GYO mag April 2016Mudandgluts is Jane Perrone’s recommended blog in April’s issue of Grow Your Own magazine! That’s two lovely magazine reviews. In the words of the sainted Victor Meldrew, ‘I don’t BELIEVE it!’

I found out via Twitter, on a busy train heading back out to suburbia. It made me squeak out loud, which was not a little embarrassing! I have been grinning cheesily pretty much ever since. My cheeks hurt…

In my excitement I have splattered the news all over Facebook and Twitter, so apologies if this feels like old hat.

PS For Jane Perrone, should you ever read this, I am over the moon you now want to grow saffron. But you know the drill – we’re gardeners, so that means we’re nosey. There have to be pictures…

GYO mag April 2016 (2)

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  1. Yes I saw it B and thought was excellent and well deserved coz you’re a natural writer and talented gardener so the two go extremely well together! Well done, get yourself a regular column, you offer new info and don’t simply repeat standard stuff…. Very readable. xx.

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  2. Must say l enjoy your blog,looking at black current move your soil looks great,where is the mud though,🤔🤔🤔🌱🌱🌱


    • Thank you. 🙂 Mum has reasonably well-drained soil. I don’t have mud at the moment – that’s far too solid a descriptor for what I have.