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When I started Seeds for Samaritans 10 days ago, I thought I might raise £50-£100. Thanks to what I can only describe as a small army of wonderful people on Facebook and Twitter, it’s had an avalanche of interest. Seeds for Samaritans has been viewed nearly 1,000 times, 32 people have donated, and 92 packs of seeds and tubers have been sent out.

I’m closing it now as most of the seeds have been spoken for. There are a couple more donations to come in and packets to send, but the current total we’ve raised is a magnificent £320.50. It’s so much more than I ever thought in return for a few seeds.

So, to all those who donated, forwarded, retweeted and were supportive, thank you, I am incredibly grateful and this is really for you:

I am the Director of Kingston Samaritans and want to say thank you so much for raising money for us. As we are self funding all monies are very gratefully received.

Very best wishes, Helen Dixon



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  1. Hi Beryl,
    I have received the seeds you posted yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for sending them out, do not worry about the delay .. there is plenty of time before I will be planting them lol, Hope all went well on your trip, Well done and thanks again 🙂

    kind reards

    Julia 🙂

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  2. You have done a brilliant job managing the whole thing. Well done Beryl. And thank you for doing this to help the Kingston Samaritans.