I am FIVE!

In gardening terms at least.

Five short years since I got my plot on 20 March 2012 and I love that the learning curve hasn’t slowed.

I’ve included some of my pictures from that first year. You will note that the hedge is now tamed (I think I have just about been forgiven for that!) so it has sun for more than just a few hours in summer and my plot has grown in size. Sadly I didn’t know the extra bit was actually a hardcore road, or I might have been less enthusiastic about it being added to my plot!

Just to give you an idea of my (many) growing highlights:

Potatoes went in first (just before it rained for a month!) and were earthed up so high my neighbour said they could be seen from space. I think they were just under 2ft, but still…

Being a total newbie I also plumped for asparagus peas (blech!), weeded out all my radishes and lovingly repotted a collection of tap-rooted buttercups, in the fond misapprehension that they were strawberries.

I still make many mistakes, but I try to ensure they are new ones at least. And remembering them helps me be patient with other people who are just starting out. As does experiencing that magical feeling when you harvest and eat food that you have grown from a small seed.

Happy Spring Equinox  everyone!

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  1. Congratulations on your 5th allotment blog birthday! Really interesting post. As this is my first year of allotmenting, it’s inspiring to read about how you started. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Llongyfarchion! (That’s Welsh for “congratulations”, which has already been used by June and I dion’t want to be boring). Though that plot looks way too tidy. Are you deceiving us with photos of your back garden? And there’s nowt wrong with buttercups, in the right place.

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    • Thank you for being kind about the buttercups. I have no garden so the plots are my substitute, but they are far from tidy. I’ll try to include a photo of the messy bits for you in one of the next posts…


  3. Happy allotment anniversary! I’m just starting out and am encouraged by your stories of trial and error. Hopefully I’ll still be going strong in 5 years time!


    • Thank you and good luck with your plot. It’s addictive once you start – plus lots of things to add to your baking challenges. Stevia is just as disgusting in plant form though. (I liked your Swiss roll post!)