Last bit of work this year

main pathRight, started on the main path. The new beds on the left are to be level with the ones on the right and there really is quite a slope. I’ve got lots of old timber I can cannibalise to provide extra height, and bags of soil from the paths that I can use to top up too. Current colour order is blue, purple, pink, green. Though this might change…

I was going to put woodchip straight on the soil in the middle, but, given the slope the beds are on, I might have to put weed membrane on the bed ends just to make sure it doesn’t spill into the bed at first.

Still no sign of the carcassone garlic. Pulled up some camuflaged beetroot and took them home for dinner and picked some kale – very tasty stuff!tree

Came home at 4ish to put up the tree and make chilli jelly. Which is not hot enough and I think I need to add all the chillies at the start, rather than part-way through as I have been doing. Will try again with the lemon drops next week.

Edit to add: my watering has been pretty sporadic so 2 more lemon drops are goners. Have brought the one survivor in from the landing in the hope of keeping it going.

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