New bed

Well, the purple bed frame is now finished. I had to saw through some tree roots which were in the way – they went too deep to get out with the mattock without digging a gurt big pit. Had to tidy the shed a bit to find the saw.

Now I just need to dig the thing and do the new path. I can see some of the old sapling trunks poking through, so I suspect it won’t be the most fun I have ever had. I’ve also left a large amount of carpet piled up near the shed. Its end is still buried. I know I am going to be falling over it, but I just couldn’t be bothered to keep digging it out today.

What was fun was playing with my long-handled cultivator. My brother gave it to me for my birthday and it’s been in the house ever since. But it whizzes through the weeding at a rate of knots! Genius!

The broad beans don’t look that perky and I can see ants running up and down them so I wonder whether the aphid onslaught is about to begin. I have a big spray bottle ready for soapy water.

My squashes are germinating well – so far 1 Rouge Vif d’Etampes, 2 Potimarron, 2 Thelma Sanders, 1 Muscat de Provence and 1 BNS. I might just slow down on sowing more. What with my rate of digging not being amongst the fastest! I have 20-odd sweetcorn in tubes at home. For some reason even if they are chitted, the corns don’t always grow on when they are in soil.

Lots of people up today, and many fires. Came home slightly kippered.

Edit to add:
Sowed Tonda Padana, Queensland Blue, and cukes – La Diva, Marketmore and white. Started the parsnips to chit.

It is currently chucking it down outside and has been for a few hours, after a glorious warm day. At the rate it is coming down I might have a full water butt again tomorrow!

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