Summer’s here

It’s been swelteringly hot and most days I go up just to water. There’s not been much time for anything else while Small Child has been with us.

I’ve filled the hotbin with the remains of the manure pile (fresh delivery later that day as per s*d’s law) and it gets to over 40C according to the temp gauge on the top – but it falls back to 20C each night. I might take the manure out and put fresh stuff in. All the bins need sorting out now.

I’ve put the kale into the bed with the leeks and covered with veggie mesh. Am hoping that keeps the whitefly off. Also took out a row of charlottes and stuck in the 2 aubergines and a spare black cherry tomato. All 3 are flowering.

Managed to time the pollination right for a muscat de provence flower and there are FINALLY female flowers appearing on the queensland blues. The crown prince in the left green bed has gone bananas with sideshoots and is appearing all over the place – through the peas, under the tomatillos and around the runners. No squash though. I have planted waaaaay too close together and that bed looks awfully crowded.

The broccoli raab are up and on seedling leaves, likewise lettuce and HUNDREDS of beetroot seedlings. Am not sure at all where they are going to go!

Harvested loads of beans, spuds and my first achocha – tastes very much of bean with a slight citrus tang. Not unpleasant.

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