More squash geekery

Pinching out the growing tips on the main vine.  There are a lot of recommendations online about this. I’ve not tried it before but when the slugs ate the growing tip of the Rouge Vif d’Etamps the plant threw out more than 4 (so far) sideshoots. Each of these have female flowers on and 2 have so far set.

my preciousI’ve now taken out lots of the growing tips – advice seems varied on how long the main vine needs to be – and will wait to see what happens. Am a bit nervous, but I guess it’s worth trying. I have 6 squash set – any more is a bonus. The Tonda Padana is beautiful.

Wishlist things for plot – possibly try kiwi berries (KG article in Sept edition) and definitely look at adding bilberries to my birthday list, NOT blueberries, if I can find enough space. I’ve been looking for the wild ones for ages, but didn’t know the name. Will also need ericaceous soil.

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