Plot inspections done – 1 tenancy is being ended, so that makes 6 plots being given up for various reasons this year so far, 4 of those are on my field, which is a fairly high number given there are only about 25 active plots on our side. Three new plots are going to be created – one very overgrown, and two that are on space that was previously thought to be unworkable, but the drainage has really improved.

The weather wasn’t on my side. It started raining as soon as the inspections were done so I spent a couple of hours tidying the shed. Some more hooks are up in the ceiling with stuff hanging off them, it’s a lot neater and I took nearly a wheelie-bin of rubbish away with me. I keep way too much stuff on the premise that it might be useful one day…A bit more clearing and I will be able to move the spare table up there from the garage. There’s a fair bit of wood up there that I have no use for and will be handy for a fire.

Sunday was a fairly lazy visit. I barrowed topsoil about to level the new path. And I discovered I’d messed up my maths and not left enough width on the path membrane to get to the new pink bed so…took the neighbouring bed apart and redid it. Getting the clout nails out was no fun. And spent about half an hour rescuing worms.

I took all the growing tips off the cape gooseberries which are finally ripening and are delicious. So much so that none make it home. Definitely growing next year, though I need to remember that they are triffids and I should probably feed them less so they focus on fruit rather than leaves.

The runner beans taste rubbish now, stringy and tough. I picked the Thelma Sanders squashes, moved padrons into the cave for a bit of added warmth, and realised the kale and leeks have grown bigger than the netting they are under. And that was all the time there was till next weekend.

Harvest weight so far this year is 148kg, Am guessing it will be about 165-170kg by the end of the year which I’m really impressed by, given I’ve not got all the space up and running. Value £405 approx so far, though you can’t buy some things, like achocha and I have been a bit lax about weighing/recording.

I also gave in and bought some interesting chilli seeds – not superhots but some new things. Though the albertos are finally looking like they are going to produce a few chillies at last!

Things to do next:
1. Pink bed if the ground isn’t too wet – otherwise leave till next year.
2. Prep ground for greenhouse.
3. Plant shallots.
4. Sow broad beans.
5. Clear beds and compost the greens (clear dalek and hotbin).
6. Figure out if I have room for garlic with what I want to grow next year.
7. Decide when to cut back the blackthorn hedge – the plot’s mostly in shade from 3pm now because it’s grown 4-5ft again.

Edit to add – try this with the squash seeds:

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