Happy Guy Fawkes!

I managed to catch the gardeners at the block this morning – they are really nice guys and will keep me some leaves for the plot. I was debating wandering round to the local park and scooping up some of the horse chestnut leaves – but I’m not sure how much dog poo/litter that would also involve.

My toilet roll supplies are growing nicely – am averaging about 15/week from work now the office space is in full swing of conferences and events. And a cardboard carrypack for 4 beer bottles holds about 50-60 flattened rolls nicely.

I was reading Ian Pearson’s oca testbed site last night and according to him oca doesn’t have to be planted out early in the year and can be kept in pots till later on. I have inadvertently got a good comparison going – the 4 oca planted out in a bag in March and the 6 oca planted in a bed in late July/first few days of August. Both have masses of foliage and I’ll be interested to see what the yield comparison is next month/January. Tonight’s due to get down to 3C and I can’t get to the plot to fleece it all, so perhaps my lot will be killed off a bit early.

I’ve brought most of the chillies home, but I won’t have room for all of the rocotos, so once they’ve finished it’s off to the compost for them. The 2 padrons are now occupying the south-facing windowsill and are huge. I’m saving seed from one plant and the other is literally dripping with tiny baby fruit & will need staking. Waitrose have just started selling them at £15/kg – it’s definitely a very nice feeling knowing I’ve had more than what it cost to buy the seeds.

This Friday is the site’s bonfire & BBQ night and I’m making some cakes to take – Chocolate/marmalade and gingerbread both sound nice and bonfirey – and getting lots of sparklers & marshmallows for my godchildren who are also coming down.

Happy Guy Fawkes’ Night!

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