Fantasia Blackberry

Lots and lots of chillies are now pricked out at home and the sunny windowsill is getting full. The Big Jim seeds and Orange Manzano still haven’t germinated, same for the elderly chillies bar the Serranos.

Yesterday morning I helped mark out 5 of the other newly vacant plots on the site, mostly on the top field. It’s noticeably drier on the top field and while I love my swampy plot, I can’t help but be a bit envious of that. One of the plots belonged to a Mr Keats: he found and registered the Fantasia blackberry now sold through Ken Muir’s site. It has evil, EVIL thorns but our Lettings Sec says the berries are really very good.  It would be nice to keep that heritage going and I might see if I can find some space to train some suckers on the new plot.

And as to that, I’ve gone for Plot 2, or rather Plot 92 to give it its proper name. The contract came through this evening, so that means I’m clear to get some raspberry canes sorted.

I also need to contact the Housing Association to find out what’s going on with the leylandii removal. We were told they were going to be taken down, but that hasn’t happened yet…

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