Itchy fingers

I was up at 5 this morning and couldn’t settle so out came the seed boxes and the compost…

I (very quietly) potted on 19 of my spindly tomatoes. They were soaking wet – I had massively overwatered them by mistake. I’m trusting to their survival instinct and hoping fungus gnats aren’t infesting the compost. I’ve set them out on the balcony in the very fresh air and will be shuttling them back in the evening.

15 Trifetti peppers (HSL seed guardian seeds)
10 Vermont Cranberry DFB
5 Nun’s Belly Button DFB
3 Geraumon Martinique squash
2 Atena yellow courgettes
2 round courgettes
3 Italian striped courgettes
1 mystery squash seed that was loose at the bottom of the box
1 spaghetti squash seed
4 cucamelons

Set to chit – replacement sweetcorn as the others also had too much water and half had gone mouldy (must have a heavy watering hand this year!) and some strawberry popcorn.

Aaaaaah, that’s better!

Categories: Diary 2015