I’ve started digging a new bed for the squashes and some space at the bottom of #100 to put the onions out. They are all ready for the World Beyond the Greenhouse. The trays of celeriac, beetroot and chicory have been chucked outside in an all new shanty town area to harden off so the greenhouse is actually looking manageable. Obviously outside looks a complete mess. Most of my neighbours are really tidy, and #92 is next to a pristine combination of orchard and beds – I do feel a bit bad when I look at my messy corners.

The soil feels pretty dry – it needs the promised rain to appear and give everything a good soaking. I am getting fed up of carting watering cans around. It takes 30-40 watering cans to do the top plot, which is 15-20 trips to the water trough and back. Which is just about 45 minutes of trudging. I keep telling myself it’s good for the bingo wings.

The new squash bed has a lot of roots in. They might be leftover roots from when the area was a sea of brambles, or may come from my neighbour’s plum tree, which is planted on the path border. I am hoping not the latter, because I’m having to slice through them to dig the soil over. It’s also got several red ant nests, which can make my digging a bit sporadic – I’m in no hurry to be stung! They do come boiling out at the drop of a hat…

The bagged spud foliage is getting huge and I am itching to have a furtle. It’s been 11 weeks since they were planted and I am giving them a couple more weeks as some of that time was pretty cold.

My god-daughter is helping me this season – she’s bought her very own trowel, fork, kneeler and some gloves. The cucumbers she sowed haven’t so far come up, handily I have spares here. I need to buy some canes as I’ve promised her we will build a wigwam for runners and sow them. And I’ve just remembered I used all my long canes on the fruit cages…

After no fruit at all last year my mini apple tree has hundreds of baby apples on. It’s tiny tree and there are clusters of 5 or 6 every 2 inches. Bonkers! I need to thin them, even before the June drop because I can’t imagine it has the resources to develop many of them. Will take a photo before I do just to look back on it in amazement!

Sowed: Lazy Housewife CFB and Black Coco DFB for the Heritage Seed Library seed guardian scheme

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