Operation Shed Move

On the hottest day of the year so far, my shed has been carried like a (large, overweight, creaky) sedan chair six or so metres down the plot to the bottom. This had been deemed Much Better than taking it apart – and to be fair to Him Indoors, the whole process took just 3.5 hours and was remarkably smooth. I may even listen to further DIY-style proposals without scoffing.

The shed’s been in the wrong place since it was put up, but as a 7′ x 7′ corner shed, moving it wasn’t something to be undertaken lightly. Some sturdy posts were screwed into the uprights and off we lurched, having rests along the way while slabs were shuttled carefully around the goosegogs from its previous home to its new one. The windows came off because they are glazed with very thin glass. I pictured it showering across the plot – and my friends – if the frame twisted. As it was the floor fell off part-way down and had to be rescued. (I may have foreseen this earlier…just call me Mystic Meg)

It’s now sitting on a 2-tier base of slabs (winter flood prevention) and looks completely splendid, if enormous. I love the new view and I can’t wait to get the inside organised. There have also been quiet murmurs of a possible small patio outside, which would be fabulous too.

Despite our (Himself’s) very best efforts, the double base isn’t quite level so the windows are a bit squint and don’t open and the doors will need planing to close. If that doesn’t improve over the next couple of weeks as it settles I will be attempting to hammer a few stone wedges inbetween slabs. But those are the most minor of quibbles.

I am so very grateful to Gally, Misch, Luis and, of course, Him Indoors for lending their muscle, good humour and patience. I am never, EVER moving it again…honest! Though I might paint it.

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    • Thank you! I have a purple hip from accidentally sideswiping the poles we used for carrying…But it is so much better where it is than where it was. 🙂

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  1. Gosh that was very brave of you all, sounds like a lot of hard work went into the move, it looks great in its new home. I don’t think I would have dared with mine as the mice have chewed so many bits off it would probably just collapse in a laurel and hardy style.