Moving mature gooseberries

gooseberries1My Mum’s back garden has always been a treasure trove for berries. I gave her at least one of the bushes as a twig when I was little and they are all still going strong over 30 years later. She just doesn’t want most of them anymore. It’s been much talked about, but the Unwanted are finally moving to the plot, starting with the gooseberries.

gooseberries2The theory is you move them with a big rootball. So imagine my horror when we lifted 2 of the bushes and a) they fell apart and b) the lovely friable soil (and lots of rootball) fell off! Instead of 2 bushes I now have 5…

Everything in books and on the internet says they are tough as old boots. I’m hoping a severe haircut and being ensconced in manure with some fertiliser will help them recover from the move. I got them all in the soil that day too, even though it was incredibly cold and I just wanted to go home!

harvestAt home I pulled up the last of the balcony carrots and root parsley for dinner. It’s great to think that it’s nearly time to bring in the compost for the first sowing of the year. Spring really is just around the corner.

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